Robert R. Fenichel

John Truchan

21 November 1946 — 5 October 2022


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Suicide Bluff         Squamish 3rd Peak     Garibaldi Lake      Kennedy Falls 

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      Mary's Rock        Jericho Beach     Kennedy Falls Trail     Goat Mountain       Eagle Bluff                       

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Othello Tunnels        Othello Tunnels             condo                    hospice      

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    See also here. 

     The adult in the room.

    What I remember about hiking with John was that now and then, we needed an adult in the room, and he had to be it.  Those whom we hiked with were hardly children; some of us had grandchildren who were nominally adults.  But sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn't.

    Adult are people whom we permit to make their own mistakes.  If Smith14 had been a child and had wanted to hike with us on that day in 2019, we would have said "No, Smith, this hike will be beyond your capacity."  But we treated Smith as an adult until it became apparent that she/he was struggling, and she/he needed to retreat.  

    Indeed, Smith was having such a hard time that we thought s/he might have difficulty getting back to the trailhead. The rest of us looked at each other, hoping that an adult would step forward to relinquish the rest of the hike, and to accept the responsibility of accompanying Smith back to the road.  

    That was John. 

    In 2021, we had a problem with Jones.14  Jones was (and is) a valued, longstanding member of the hiking group, chipper in adversity, generous with time, and so on.  Last year, anomalously in view of our prior experience with Jones, s/he began to financially abuse other members, first never being the one to pay for coffee, but later borrowing substantial sums and dragging out reimbursement.  Some adult had to have the tough-love talk with Jones, getting him/her to be a better citizen. 

    That adult was John.     




1 Photo by Morteza Arshia.

2 With Morteza Arshia.

3 With Marion Culham.

4 With me.

5 With Alistair Duncain, Maureen Hornak, and Heather Martin.

6 With Donnie MacDonald.

7 With Barb Becher.

8 With Rick Strongman.

9 Photo by Nebal Nosh.

10 With Sandy Johnston.

11 With Jan Jansen.

12 With Rosemarie Fuchs.

13 DePencier Bluff?  Mount Hollyburn?  Quarry Rock?.

14 A pseudonym.



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