Robert R. Fenichel

Jean M. Millican

25 January 1952 — 16 January 2017 

  Jean, Frank Denman, and I backpacked in Olympic National Park for a week or so in September 1987.  These pictures are from Spike Camp (CB_15), the Home Sweet Home campsite (CC_09), up and down Mount Hopper (CC_13 through CD_03), in Elk Basin (CD_04), and here & there along the trail.

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CB_15                 CB_20             CC_09                 CC_10             CC_12             CC_13             CC_14

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    CC_15              CC_16              CC_17             CC_19              CC_20             CD_01              CD_02

CD_03.jpg (549609 bytes)    CD_04.jpg (716047 bytes)

    CD_03            CD_04

   Jean, Frank, Emily, and I visited Mount Saint Helens in August of 1988.  Here, we're crossing Lava Creek.

 CU_05.jpg (1101717 bytes)   CU_06.jpg (990501 bytes)    CU_07.jpg (137147 bytes)    

 CU_05            CU_06              CU_07    

   We saw the Denmans only occasionally during the 1990s (NT_02, ZAU_05), but then they visited us in Washington in July of 2004, and we went to Scotts Run Park in Virginia (TN_18 through TP_05).

NT_02.jpg (918933 bytes)    TN_18.jpg (1122298 bytes)    TN_19.jpg (900711 bytes)    TP_03.jpg (804407 bytes)    TP_04.jpg (823925 bytes)    TP_05.jpg (853037 bytes)    ZAU_05.jpg (743863 bytes)

     NT_02             TN_18             TN_19              TP_03               TP_04             TP_05              ZAU_05

  More recently, we've seen each other more often.  Here is Jean in Cypress Falls Park in October 2013 (ZFS_17), and here at a party in New York a year later (ZJF_12, ZJF_13).  Jean, Frank, Judy, and I went to Coal Creek Falls in Larrabee State Park near Seattle in February 2015 (ZJF_18), and we traveled to the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island in midsummer of 2016; here are pictures from the Laughing Oyster Restaurant in Lund (ZJF_14) and Cathedral Grove (ZJF_16 and  ZJF_17).

ZFS_17.jpg (762769 bytes)    ZJF_12.jpg (381512 bytes)    ZJF_13.jpg (783813 bytes)    ZJF_14.jpg (614807 bytes)    ZJF_16.jpg (718619 bytes)    ZJF_17.jpg (544895 bytes)    ZJF_18.jpg (928179 bytes)

    ZFS_17             ZJF_12            ZJF_13            ZJF_14              ZJF_16            ZJF_17             ZJF_18



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