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Emily in the 1990s

from Michael and Marjorie Engber

During our Nepal trek in 1993, Emily once spoke of having visited Bob in Arizona.  Margie asked, "How much time did you spend there?"  Emily instantly replied, "As much as it took."

Saul on the road away from Damascus

Emily was not a religious believer as an adult, but for a while she was comfortable with the idea that religious observance was something one did.  She was actually becoming more observant in the early 1990s, learning how to participate in specialized chanting.  Then in (I think) 1994, she traveled to the Western Wall of Jerusalem with members of her synagogue.  She and the other women were not allowed to approach the wall too closely, but access was given to a gaggle of Japanese tourists who had special privileges under local rules because, after all, they had penises.

Emily had a negative epiphany (an endophany?), and she decided that her erstwhile religion didn't need her.  Except for socially obligatory attendance at puberty rites and the like, she never visited a synagogue again. 

Once Emily & I got married, it became a fad.  Emily danced with Zach at his wedding (JC_02, 16 August 1998), and joined other family members (me, Zach, Rebecca, David, and Rhoda) at the wedding of her first cousin once removed, Josh Sharfstein (NT_03, July 1999).

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