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Emily in the 1970s

The Schrags' 1970s effectively began with Zach's birth on 14 January 1970 (WX_06, just home from the hospital).  Emily introduced Zach to David and, most important, had a new opportunity to nurse (WX_07).  The family lived in New York by then (NY_13, spring 1970; WX_09, 20 June 1970; XD_03, Emily and Zach in Central Park, October 1973), and within a year or so of Zach's birth had resumed traveling (QD_05, Emily and David; NM_11, Emily and Zach, August 1971; WK_10, Emily and David, August 1971).  All of the pictures on this page were, I believe, taken by Philip Schrag.

WX_06.jpg (579144 bytes)    WX_07.jpg (854270 bytes)        WX_09.jpg (693784 bytes)    QD_05 tweaked.jpg (672109 bytes)

WX_06                   WX_07                   NY_13                   WX_09                 QD_05

NM_11.jpg (919782 bytes)    WK_10.jpg (529245 bytes)    XD_03.jpg (614308 bytes)

NM_11               WK_10                 XD_03 

  Most of the pictures of Emily from this period show her in family or family-related gatherings (NM_10, Berkeley, July 1974; NP_06, with a sculpture made by David at Grandparents' Day at the Walden School, 18 May 1977; NP_04, at her mother's house in Baltimore, with David, Zach, Nachman Davidson (Emily's stepfather), her mother, Joanna Messing (her niece), Bob Messing (her brother-in-law), and her sister, Deborah, 29 January 1978.  My favorite picture from this decade is XD_10; it was taken in May, 1978, but I don't know the location.

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               NM_10                 NP_06                   NP_04


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