Robert R. Fenichel


Emily in the 1950s

from Louise Davidson

When we were at summer camp, she was feeling sorry for a three-time Republican loser who had died before being elected to the presidency he had coveted.  If that doesn't show Emily's compassion, I don't know what does.  Later, as a pre-teen and early teen, I easily put to memory the chorus of a song she wrote:

I wish I had a teeny tiny rear

I wish I had a teeny tiny rear

If I had a teeny tiny rear

I'd eat and eat and never fear

I wish I had a teeny tiny rear.


(NK_04: Emily at Buckstone Farm in New Hope with her maternal grandfather, Morris Killian (1883–1953), August 1952)

(NK_07: Sophie Shiling and her daughters at the White House, 21 April 1954)

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