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Emily in the Wilderness (1)

Emily was unhappy if she couldn't wash her hair every day, and her working definition of wilderness was any place where she had to pee standing up.  She quoted Woody Allen, "Nature and I are two."  Still, she was always game for new experiences, so she walked with me to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on 26 December 1987,

 CE_17.jpg (56368 bytes)    CE_19 polished.jpg (54233 bytes)    CF_03.jpg (87109 bytes)

(CE_17, CE_19, & CF_03: Emily on the upper South Kaibab Trail above and approaching Cedar Ridge)

(CF_10: still on the South Kaibab, only a few hundred feet above the river)

through far western Nepal in 1989-90,

(CV_03: Emily and The Shadow at about 2700 meters near Chautha, 15 December 1989)


(CV_14 & CY_04: Emily below Churchi Lekh (pass) at about 2700 meters, 16 December 1989, and with a Sherpa below Chuchhuemera Danda [another pass] at about 3700 meters, 18 December 1989)

(DC_19: Emily mounting up after rafting on the Karnali, 2 January 1990)

to Shadow Lake (near Mt. Ritter) in the Sierras,

(DM_01: Emily and Dave Coffey on the trail, 11 July 1992)

through the Khumbu region of Nepal in 1993,

(DR_18 & DR_20: Emily at about 3400 meters on the trail from Namche Bazar to Thame, 30 March 1993)


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