Robert R. Fenichel


Emily S. Fenichel

5 May 1942 – 8 June 2006

My first wife, Emily S. Fenichel, was struck and killed by a bus on the evening of 8 June 2006.

(Emily in Alexander Liberman's Adonai, Storm King Art Center (Mountainville, NY), 18 August 2004)

Charitable donations

Emily's concern for the welfare of small children was primarily expressed through Zero to Three, her employer for nearly 30 years.  Zero To Three has established a memorial fund to be devoted to special projects of the sort that were most important to Emily.  More exotically, but with the same purpose, the Emily Fenichel Foundation was established in Buenos Aires by one of Emily's admiring international colleagues.

Emily's other great interest was the theater, and in recent years she had supported the Open Circle Theatre, Studio Theatre, and Arts United of Washington. 

Reminiscences, more pictures, one-liners, and so on

They will be added according to no fixed schedule; contributions are welcome.  The organization is partially chronological and partly thematic:

                1940s (8/24/06)

                1950s (9/1/06)

                1960s (2/21/08)

                1970s (2/24/08)

                1980s (2/29/08)

                1990s (5/1/08)

                2000s (8/24/06)

                in the wilderness (8/24/06)

                in the theater (5/1/08)

                now (8/24/06)

                memorial service (11/25/06)

                    family tree (1/9/11)



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