Robert R. Fenichel


Credits and Tools

This site was for some years hosted by Hostway.  Hostway was adequate for support of a site as simple as this one, but its POP server service was unreliable, with frequent unannounced outages.  After a particularly trying discussion with one of their script zombies, I moved the site to HostICan at the end of October 2010, but then HostICan turned out to be even less reliable than HostWay, and when their "24/7" phone didn't answer, I changed hosts yet again, now to GoDaddy.  GoDaddy was a satisfactory host for the Web site, but its POP server was poorly maintained, with frequent (usually brief, but irritating) outages.  I changed hosts yet again in April 2013, to ICDSoft.  My general Internet access is obtained via a cable provided by Telus.

Most of the pages of the site were created using Microsoft FrontPage 2000.  The pages of receptor-binding data are generated by a program that I wrote in Delphi 5, now upgraded to Delphi 7.  The program is also used to edit the underlying database. Some of the documents were initially created using Microsoft Word 2000, and most of the images were manipulated using Adobe PhotoShop. The panorama of Dhaulagiri Base Camp was constructed using Canon's PhotoStitch utility; more recent stitching has all been done within PhotoShop.  

The videos were converted from their bloated native formats using AnyVideoConverter, often with an order-of-magnitude reduction in size.

The cryptic HTML behind the mailto hyperlinks is used (better late than never) to reduce the harvesting of email addresses by spammers.  The technique was described in Brian Livingston's "Protect your e-mail address" (PC Magazine 23(11), 78 (22 June 2004)), and it makes use of an encoding engine that used to be found at, but that page seems as of June 2008to have ceased to exist.  To maintain the integrity of the overt hyperlinks, I use Tilman Hausherr's XenuLinkSleuth.  To detect copying of my images by other Web sites, I use the powerful TinEye engine.

Almost all of the older images come from 35mm slides (mainly Fujichrome).  Some of the early ones were digitized through the Kodak PhotoCD process, but most of them were home-digitized via a Polaroid SprintScan 4000 or a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000ED.  Images created since July of 2002 have been digital at birth.  Most of the images have been watermarked using the Digimarc engine; Digimarc and the Digimarc logo are registered trademarks of Digimarc Corporation. 

The waypoints in Nepal were recorded with a Garmin 12CX GPS receiver.

The Frequently-Asked Questions pages have profited from the comments of Jeremy Ruskin & Jacques Weissenburger, but the remaining errors are all mine.

The picture of me on the home page was taken by Judy Bickart.  Pictures on the outdoor pages were taken by me, except as otherwise credited.  

The genealogical database is maintained by The Master Genealogist.

In the genealogical charts, the thumbnail images of Tedda Fenichel and Adam Marcus were taken from a photo by Bill O'Brien.   The thumbnail of Rhoda Bernard comes from a photo by David Schrag.  Those of Robert Davidson, Margie Golub, Steve Killian, Vicki Killian, Steve Marcus, and Margaret Sharfstein were taken from photos by Bob Messing.  The thumbnail of Mark Tushnet was taken from a photo by Zachary M. Schrag.  Some of the other thumbnails come from photos by me, but most of them were extracted from the work of scattered unidentified commercial photographers. 


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