Robert R. Fenichel


Outdoor Activities & Other Photography

Most of my hiking and climbing has been done in the United States.  The climbing has generated few pictures;  I don't know how some people manage to get good rock-climbing pictures; I find it hard enough to get myself and my essential gear up things.  

At 6959 meters, Aconcagua is the highest peak in the world outside of Asia.  I've been there twice, one in a successful ascent by the Normal Route, and once with a group trying a variation on the Polish Glacier Route.  On the second trip, I developed some sort of sinusitis, and I retreated the day after I'd walked in to Base Camp.

I started going to Nepal as a climber, but later all I did there was to hike and take pictures.  

I joined a commercial tour in northwest Spain in June of 2010, mainly to travel with my friends Mike and Marjorie Engber, but also to enjoy the food and sightseeing.  The trip included some undistinguished hiking, and a few photographs (not yet annotated) are here.

I have a few other photographs, not related to hiking and climbing.  Some are images I'm happy with, and a few are images of phenomena that I don't understand. 

I have been using handheld GPS units of one sort or another since 2000.  Some waypoints from Nepal are shown here, and some comments on miscellaneous GPS-related topics are here. 



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