Robert R. Fenichel

  Photographs Unrelated to Hiking and Climbing

These were taken in Oaxaca (DI_17); Sperryville, VA (EI_10); Corona Del Mar, CA (FT_20), and Berlin (HI_12).

Di_17.jpg (117363 bytes)    Ei_10.jpg (126684 bytes)    ft_20.jpg (83729 bytes)    HI_12.jpg (136901 bytes)

DI_17                             EI_10                              FT_20                                 HI_12

  These were taken in New Orleans (HS_01), Washington (HT_04; HT_11), Pisa (HZ_09), and Siena (HZ_19).

Hs_01.jpg (188926 bytes)    HT_04.jpg (41732 bytes)    HT_11.jpg (56410 bytes)    Hz_09.jpg (42676 bytes)    Hz_19.jpg (123814 bytes)

    HS_01                HT_04                      HT_11                   HZ_09                 HZ_19 

  These were taken in St. Paul de Vence (JA_08), the Toro Negro rain forest, Puerto Rico (LZ_02), and in San Juan, Puerto Rico (LZ_06).          

JA_08.jpg (45764 bytes)    lz_02.jpg (537676 bytes)    LZ_06.jpg (201505 bytes)

JA_08                LZ_02                    LZ_06




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