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Some people climbing the Normal Route use the "Independencia" site at 6250 meters, but most people use the "Berlin" site (5810m, CP_08).  The next day begins early enough that one can see on the clouds the shadow of the mountain one is on (CP_09), and there is a long traverse (CQ_02) just above the Independencia site before the steep "Canaleta" couloir to the summit (CQ_09 [photograph of me by Perry Langford]).  Our descent (CQ_16) back to the Berlin camp seemed endless, even though it actually took only 4 hours (vs. 9 for the ascent).

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 CP_08                     CP_09                          CQ_02                                CQ_09

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The approach to the Normal Route skirts the mountain so closely along its western and northern flanks that one gets few good views of the peak itself.  The approach from the south (looking up from along the Rio Relinchos at about 3800m, EF_18) is more scenic. 


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