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Hiking and Climbing in the United States

I climbed in the Shawangunks for more than half my life.  I enjoyed the shock of tactile recognition that sometimes comes in returning to a climb that I first climbed many years before (leading the last pitches of Beginner's Delight in 1969 (HB_20, photo by Henri M. Guéron) and 1998 (HI_10, photo by David Schaible); of Andrew in 1976 (G_07, photo by Doug Howard) and 2004 (SY_04, photo by David Schaible)).  Unfortunately, my rock-climbing years are probably over for good, since most of the interphalangeal motion of my right index finger is gone (for how that came about, see here).

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G_07                    HB_20                    HI_10                  SY_04

I've taken three backpacking trips through the recesses of Zion National Park (DD_13, DE_02, and DF_12 in the Virgin River Gorge; DK_07 in the trailless northwest corner of the Park), and it still has major canyon systems I've never visited.



DD_13                    DE_02                               DF_12                      DK_07   

  With Dave Coffey (at Seneca Rocks, WV in FX_08), a frequent climbing partner, I climbed the East Face of Mount Whitney in 1992.  We were too busy climbing to get many good pictures after the first pitch (Dave on the Tower Traverse, DN_10), but our high camp gave us a nice view of Iceberg Lake and Mount Russell (DN_08).

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                 DN_08                 DN_10     FX_08

The picture just below Glacier Meadows in Olympic National Park (E_07) was taken in 1975, on my first trip to Mount Olympus.  I returned to Olympus last year (2000) for a 25th-anniversary re-ascent with Dave Coffey, and the Hoh River Trail was as pleasant and as long as ever (JX_19).  The weather closed in shortly after we got to Glacier Meadows, and we were lucky to have got a good look at the mountain (JX_14) before it was time to pack out.  

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E_07                                 JX_14                                JX_19



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