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Every visit to Nepal entails some time spent in Kathmandu.  Kathmandu itself provides some things to see (BE_14, BK_06, GK_05, HJ_18, HK_01, JF_15, JG_19, QH_11), and there's more at the surrounding religious sites, including Dakshin Kali (offering-seller, HK_14), Swayambu (Manangi monastery, ZBV_01) and especially Pashupatinath (sadhus (mendicant, dope-smoking holy men), HL_04 and JF_18; monkeys, JG_02 and ZBV_07).  For all of that, the Kathmandu area is noisy, polluted, and crowded, and I now try to get out of Kathmandu as soon as I can.

BE_14.jpg (52522 bytes)    Bk_06.jpg (392468 bytes)    Gk_05.jpg (85576 bytes)    HJ_18.jpg (67870 bytes)    HK_01.jpg (103501 bytes)

BE_14                 BK_06                              GK_05                                  HJ_18                               HK_01          

HK_14.jpg (77586 bytes)    HL_04.jpg (107728 bytes)    JF_15.jpg (35424 bytes)    JF_18.jpg (55265 bytes)    JG_02.jpg (67221 bytes)

HK_14                      HL_04                JF_15                 JF_18                          JG_02 

JG_19.jpg (112175 bytes)    QH_11.jpg (488425 bytes)    ZBV_01.jpg (814378 bytes)    ZBV_07.jpg (824721 bytes)

JG_19                            QH_11                                ZBV_01                               ZBV_07



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