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Nepal (not Kathmandu), 1999-2000

In March-April 2000, my friend Peter Reuter (scrutinized at Bobang, JK_19) and I walked from Bachitti (near Tansen), north to Dhorpatan, and then east over the Jalja La out to Beni.  On the way to the roadhead, we stopped in Ridi Bazar (JH_04).  Few tourists come this way; we met only two parties (one a lone Australian) until a day or two from the end of the trek.  We walked through active agricultural areas on (mainly) gentle trails, looking and being looked at.  Some of these images (JJ_05, JK_13, JK_14, JL_06, JN_08) have been heavily Photoshop-filtered, in an effort to capture the Impressionist mood of the terrain, but the picture of the Jalja La at dawn (JN_16) is just the way it was, as is the view (JO_19) up the valley of the Myagdi Khola, showing about 6000 meters of vertical relief leading up to Dhaulagiri.

JH_04.jpg (98599 bytes)    JJ_05.jpg (155861 bytes)    JJ_20.jpg (94239 bytes)    JK_02.jpg (97213 bytes)

     JH_04                                   JJ_05                               JJ_20                                  JK_02

JK_05.jpg (108409 bytes)    JK_07.jpg (64695 bytes)    JK_13.jpg (126102 bytes)

JK_05                                                           JK_07                                                            JK_13

JK_14.jpg (110436 bytes)    JK_16.jpg (63042 bytes)    JK_19.jpg (92662 bytes)    JL_06.jpg (112194 bytes)

     JK_14                             JK_16                  JK_19                               JL_06     

JL_18.jpg (49062 bytes)    JN_08.jpg (59697 bytes)    JN_16.jpg (86295 bytes)

        JL_18                                              JN_08                                 JN_16

JO_09.jpg (115400 bytes)    JO_19.jpg (30954 bytes)    JP_06.jpg (98594 bytes)    JP_17.jpg (130908 bytes)

JO_09                   JO_19                JP_06                        JP_17

2000 was the first time that I carried a Global Positioning System receiver to Nepal.  Because the available maps of Nepal are inconsistent and inaccurate, there are few places for which waypoints can be pre-established.  On a separate page, I am posting a list of waypoints I recorded.  As luck would have it, these records were made just a few weeks before the discontinuation of Selective Availability, so they are not as accurate as they would be if re-recorded now.  Also, some villages (notably Bobang and Dhorpatan) are dispersed, so that the place at which to set the waypoint was somewhat arbitrary.  I'll be happy to accept corrections and additions (covering this part of Nepal or others).

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